As a copywriter I can help you find your authentic and coherent (online) language presence. I write new texts or revise old ones. And because there is always more to it you also get a consulting service on your overall business communication.

The same applies for what I like to call transcreation – a fortunate coincidence between translation and copy writing. And because it is super exciting to shape and support somebody's language presence I have specialised in transcreating company presentations, claims, slogans and product descriptions.

Of course, he or she who can transcreate can also manage regular translations. See my focus areas to learn where my strength lies and thus contributing to the super quality I stand for.

As a language trainer I am enthusiastic about bringing people to do things they didn't think they were capable of. We are not betting on wonders but a little training is usually super helpful. If you have hard time performing in a foreign language, I can help you find confidence and your own language identity.
This feels really good and you will make super progress!

Tatiana Petkova, powered by SUPER | WORD. Texte, Sprachtrainings, Übersetzungen

Tatiana Petkova - copywriter, trainer, translator

The Copy Writer
I am searching for unexpected formulations, clear statements and elegant solutions in an easy to read and authentic language.

The Trainer
I love giving eye-opening experiences! If you feel like your language performance (at a meeting, a presentation, an interview or discussion) needs some tuning and pimping, I can can help you get there. Let me coach you so that you are not lost for words in a stressful situation.

The Translator
I am fascinated by the richness of every language I know and I just can't stop switching in all directions investigating expressions, sayings, dialects and accents. This is pretty much what it takes to be super passionate about translation and transcreation.

Everything else about me...
I am a fervent communicator, always striving for win-win-situations and continuously networking. I love giving private language lessons and I am always happy about a fortunate coincidence.
I was born in Bulgaria in 1982. Since 2006 my family and I areI based in Vienna, Austria.