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How does it work?

It’s super easy.

  • Let me know what you need. The easiest way is to use the contact form.
  • You will have my reply within 24 hours.
  • We then talk about everything. In person, on the phone or other.
  • Afterwards you get a non-binding offer including:
    • Project schedule: a list of each step and a time table;
    • Terms: the number of revision loops and drafts, discretion policy, etc.;
    • Prices: we will agree to a super solution.
  • Send me your written confirmation and I am on the job.

How do you calculate prices?

Pricing depends on the language, the work load and the deadline.
All stated prices are net and do not include 20 % VAT.
Depending on the job a 30 % pre-payment may apply.

  • General per hour rate: € 75.
  • Texts | Concepts
    • It takes about an hour to create a 100 word text.
    • 200-300 words texts cost 190 €; texts up to 400-500 words – 290 € including professional proof reading.
    • 35 % added cost for urgent assignments; delivery within 36 hours.
  • Translations | Transcreation
    • Texts translated from English, French, Russian or Bulgarian into German are billed per word in the original.
    •  Depending on the language, difficulty, length (and urgency) the word may cost from € 0,12 for general non-specific content up to € 0,30 for specialised translations including all necessary research.
    • Translations from German into any other language are billed per line in the German original text.
    • A standard line has 55 keystrokes, including the spaces between the words.
    • 35 % added cost for urgent assignments; delivery within 36 hours.
    • Transcreation: per hour billig only and no urgent assignments.
    • Please note that I need to see the material first, before delivering an estimate of costs.
  • Language | Trainings
    • As everybody has their own specific needs, we would first have an approx. 45 min chat talking about:
      • The type and the setting of your appearance (speech, presentation, moderation, etc.);
      • Your background (language) knowledge;
      • The number of meetings required;
      • Location for the trainings. If you happen to have a suitable one I will be glad to come to you. Otherwise I will provide a suitable space.
    • I then calculate the time I would need for preparations and provide you with your tailored non-binding price offer.

How can I save money for a translation job?

It is super to be well prepared. Actually this is half the battle.

  • You can save money by providing proof read texts. Every additional question or change in text goes along with extra time and cost.
  • Get a feedback regarding spelling and style. Be aware that even if your boss releases a document it might still not be carefully proof read and contain mistakes.
  • Plan enough time in advance and save a lot of money by avoiding urgent assigments.
  • All background information is more than welcome as it helps reduce the time for additional research. But most important: You make sure that your message is super clear and unambiguous. Please send such helping material right away and don’t forget to label it as such.
  • In which format will you deliver the material? Best would be to use open docs ready for editing (so no .pdf, .jpeg, etc.). The idea is: saving time and costs for preparation tasks unrelated to the actual language job.

How can I save money for a copy writing job?

Best would be to really give everything an extensive thought before you brief me:

  • What is the purpose of the text?
  • Who would read it, who are you targeting?
  • What is the nature of your target audience?
  • In what setting will the text be published: website, flyer, online shop, blog article, etc.?
  • What should the text do to your readers? How should it affect them?
  • What is the core message? In your plain and simple words just for me to really understand your point.
  • What should the copy writer take under consideration: specific wording, format guidelines, lengths, etc.?

If you cannot answer some of those questions I am here to help you. Just let me know!

Who is actually working on my texts?

It is either me or one of my super colleagues.

  • I am working with a pool of approx. 20 reliable language professionals.
  • In case your text surpasses my abilities this is where the super specialists come in – copy writers, authors, translators, proof readers.
  • I love the four-eyes-principle because it helps make sure that really everything is perfectly fine.
  • If you are happy with the completed job I will make sure that the same people take care of it next time.

How does a language training work?

It works best in a relaxed and humorous atmosphere. But it is also a bit demanding.

  • First we discuss your goals.
  • Wen than set a time frame. Usually it takes 3 to 5 hours within two days to prepare a 15 min presentation is you are already familiar with the content in the initial language.
  • The training will take place according to your time schedule.
  • We can meet wherever you wish: my place or your place.
  • All necessary material, drinks and snacks are included.

What other language services do you offer?

Super things like:

  • Interpreting in smaller settings (negotiations, single occasions, support in bureaucratic affairs, etc.).
  • Research for specific topics, usually as a preliminary or background work.
  • Ghostwriting just to make your life easier and bring your thoughts to paper (interviews, project descriptions and such, but not your thesis).

What is transcreation?

This is a more creative and freer way of translating. Something super exciting between copy writing and translation.

Anything else?

Just ask…